Property owners must keep their business or home in a reasonably safe condition for when guests and customers visit. A property owner who neglected this duty may have to compensate slip and fall victims for injuries they sustained. Common injuries for slip and fall victims can include head trauma, broken bones, injured knees, lacerations and wounds, mental stress, back and neck injury, and more. As a personal injury lawyer Watkinsville, GA residents rely on from Norris Law would agree with, victims deserve restitution for how their lives were adversely affected due to another’s negligence. 

What can cause someone to slip and fall?

There are many hazards that can lead to someone slipping and falling. Some of the most prevalent reasons include stairway accidents, slippery surfaces, fall from balcony or terrace, parking ramp falls, falls from heights, sidewalk falls, and bathtub or shower falls. Slip and fall accidents can happen almost anywhere, whether that be a grocery store, mall, amusement park, apartment complex, or other location.

What compensation may a victim be eligible for?

Sometimes people slip and fall and are so embarrassed that they forget to consider who could have been at-fault for what happened. Taking a serious fall is no laughing matter, as it can cause serious injury to the body. Depending on what the person has suffered through, they may be eligible for compensation to help pay for lost wages, medical bills, pain and suffering, property damage, and more. 

What evidence do I need to gather at the scene?

Take pictures of the accident scene, your visible injuries, clothing, shoes, and other factors. If someone saw you fall, ask for their name and contact, as their testimony can help your case later on. Fill out an accident report, which applies to those who got hurt at an event area, hotel, or store. Most of these locations have a security person or team that can provide an accident report for you. Ask for a copy of this document as proof of the incident for your own records.

Who may be liable for a slip and fall?

As your lawyer can explain during your consultation, the property or business owner may have failed to address a hazard which led to the slip and fall. They may have known about the hazard and either didn’t fix it, or didn’t correct it properly. An example of this would be someone who slips and falls from a puddle in an aisle of the store, when the ceiling above had a leak that went unattended to. If the property or business owner should have been aware of the hazard, and didn’t take measures to correct it, then negligence may be a factor. 

Every slip and fall accident is unique, so it’s important to learn about what your options are and if you have grounds for filing a case against a property owner or other party. Slip and falls are not a matter to be laughed at, and should be taken seriously and reported as soon as they happen.