Wrongful death happens when a person causes the death of another, either from negligence or recklessness. There are many situations that may warrant filing a wrongful death lawsuit, depending on the factors of the accident. Surviving loved ones of the victim who passed away may come forward with a case against the offender, as a way to get justice and financial support so that they can get through this incredibly difficult time without worrying about money. Restitution won’t bring back the cherished person, but at the very least, it allows the family to take care of each other and grieve until they can get back onto their feet.

Car Accidents

Every day millions of Americans get into a car to get to work, grocery shop, go on road trips, run errands, and other things. With so many people on the road at the same time, there are bound to be drivers who just aren’t paying enough attention to the road or driving recklessly on purpose. As your lawyer can explain, like a wrongful death lawyer at Disparti Law Group when a driver doesn’t obey the laws and it causes an accident, they may be held liable for the noneconomic and economic damages that the victim suffered.

Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycles are common on the roadway, but not as prevalent as drivers of trucks and passenger cars, so people don’t watch out for them as often as they should.  Motorcycles are smaller than other vehicles and it can make them harder to spot. All drivers should look twice for motorcyclists, as a way to help prevent a serious accident from happening. Motorcycles don’t have the same safety features that other motor vehicles do, so the motorcyclist is likely to sustain the worst injuries and property damage in the event of a crash. 

Medical Malpractice

Doctors have to obey strict medical guidelines for each patient, and if they make a mistake and a patient is killed, then the surviving family may choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit. Doctors may be in a hurry or overlook important details, and then a patient is seriously harmed in the process. A common reason that wrongful death lawsuits happen are from doctors who did not perform their jobs at the level expected. A doctor may have made a mistake related to diagnosis, treatment plan, medication, surgery, etc. 

Workplace Accidents

Many of us have worked in environments that were not completely safe, especially as businesses focus on saving money and may fail to provide a hazard-free area for people to do their jobs. Workers may know that something isn’t right, but they don’t want to risk losing their job, so they don’t speak up. But what can end up happening is an employee is injured or killed due to defective equipment, lack of safety gear, and poor safety protocols.