The Basics of Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents can be devastating for the rider and result in serious injuries, or even death in the worst cases. Because of the lack of protection from a vehicle, the rider is much more likely to be seriously injured than the vehicle driver in nearly every accident scenario. Thankfully, there are motorcycle accident lawyers who are here for just these situations and can help you determine your legal options. You may have multiple options for pursuing a legal claim, and your motorcycle accident lawyer can provide you with the legal advice you need, as well as answer all your questions. Don’t go through this alone when you can have the experienced help of a motorcycle attorney. Set up your consultation today!

Motorcycle Accident Statistics

Statistics are beneficial for understanding and breaking down the details of motorcycle accidents and situations that tend to arise more regularly. Below is just some of the information available and things to know as you consider your own motorcycle accident and pursue a legal claim. 

  • Head injuries are the number 1 cause of death in motorcycle accidents.
    It is no surprise that head injuries are more likely to lead to death in a motorcycle accident and can occur even when a helmet is being worn. If you or your loved one has been injured in a motorcycle accident, don’t wait to speak with an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer. 
  • About 66% of motorcycle-related accidents are caused by an automobile violating the right-of-way, often at an intersection.
    Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for an auto driver to miss seeing a motorcycle at an intersection or in a lane next to them. This is partly because motorcycles are small enough to hide in the driver’s blind spots, but it is still no excuse for causing an accident and injuries to the rider.
  • 98% of motorcycle accidents do not have weather listed as a contributing factor in the accident report.
    This is not terribly surprising since riders are more likely to be riding on nice weather days, but it also means that auto drivers cannot use the excuse of the weather being a contributing factor to the cause of the accident.
  • Women are more likely to be involved in a motorcycle crash as a passenger than a driver.
    Even if you were a passenger on the motorcycle, you can still be injured and in need of medical attention and a motorcycle accident lawyer to help you get the compensation you need. 

These stats are intriguing but are not the only situations that can cause an injury or damage to property. There is no limit to the ways an accident involving a motorcycle could occur or what injuries to riders and damage to property. 

Call a Lawyer

No matter how your accident occurred, it is recommended that you speak with a motorcycle accident lawyer, such as from the Burton Law Firm, as soon as possible. Call today to schedule a consultation with an experienced motorcycle lawyer!