Becoming familiar with various aspects of business is necessary when trying to start or expand one. If you are considering taking the next step in the development and buying or building a new place to set up shop, you may face struggles with land-use laws. Whether you plan on purchasing property or signing a lease in a strip mall, you need to understand what the current restrictions on the space are so you don’t cause yourself a headache trying to change them. Discover why land use is crucial to any project you plan on undertaking.

The Basics Behind Land Use

When a city or town wants to divvy up land, it wants to be responsible. Allowing too many homes and too little commercial space would be problematic on many levels. The opposite is also true. Without enough residential areas, a town will not thrive. Each municipality creates a set of land use laws to delineate the proportionate number of residential, commercial, conservation, recreation, etc. These laws are meant to bring balance to the town and not allow one type of occupant to overtake things.

Easements Grant Limited Access

Even if a town decides a portion of the land is for private ownership, there may still exist a need for access to the area. An easement is such a tool that zoning laws may address. This instrument allows access to private property for things like utility or public works companies. Without easements, it would be difficult for power lines to be installed and maintained. Easements are attached to the particular parcel of land, and they remain in the title. Utilizing an easement properly should mean restricted access. Meaning, an easement should not be put in place to allow a third party unlimited access to someone’s private property.

Issues That Arise

As the world changes, so too does the need for land use designations. In some towns and municipalities, it is easy to request a variance or switch to a different zoning classification, but other times, it isn’t easy. Following the rules established by the local land use department is best when you want to possibly develop the property in a way that varies from the current zoning. Getting a real estate lawyer in Allentown, PA, like from Hoegen & Associates, P.C., to help is your best chance at changing the zoning.

If you want your business to flourish, getting the perfect location may be the way to go. When facing a zoning law that is contrary to what you need, seeking a change to land use law may be your best way to proceed.