Divorce is not a simple process, regardless of how much money or assets you have. From the emotional toll and dealing with so much stress, it’s no wonder that people depend on a lawyer to get them through this difficult period. While divorce is tricky for everyone, there is something about high-asset divorces that warrants them being treated differently. 

Divorces of a high-asset nature can be complex, as there is more to lose or possibly gain. Add this to the fact that there are already inherent challenges associated with a divroce, making the situation all the more tense and stressful. Perhaps the best way to be prepared for a divorce is to have a lawyer that is well-versed on handling cases of this nature. A high-asset divorcce will entail common elements such as:

  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Spousal support
  • Child support
  • Marital property and debt division

Another influential component of a divorce with high-assets is calculating a value for these assets. Appraisers may be needed to evaluate assets. Both spouses will need to hire an appraiser to determine what their assets are worth. Appraisers can also assist with locating assets that are overlooked or missing. Deliberation over assets takes time, so if the spouses can do what they can to find influential financial paperwork, it can save time and strife.

Divorce is not just about parting ways and dividing up assets, as divorce impacts every area of your life. The more assets you have, the more the divorce can permeate into your personal and career life. It can be difficult to work when under immense amounts of stress, and family members and friends may be supportive to you or taking your spouse’s side. Make sure you are prepared legally for the proceeding to ensue, and that you take care of your body and mind too. 

High-net worth divorces can be particularly troublesome. Contact a family lawyer immediately to handle your family law matters, such as a professional at The Law Group of Iowa today.