Car Accident Lawyer

You probably already know that you can seek compensation for damage to your vehicle sustained in an accident, as well as for any medical expenses related to injuries obtained in the crash. These are two examples of the types of compensation you may be able to claim after an accident, but you may be able to seek reimbursement for other damages as well.

Broadly speaking, the types of compensation you can receive from a car accident fall into two general categories: property damage and personal injury.

Property Damage

It probably goes without saying that property damage includes your vehicle. However, it is possible that at the time of the accident you may have been using your vehicle to transport one or more other valuable possessions. You may make a personal property damage claim to receive compensation for any possession that is damaged as a result of the accident.

For example, you may have your laptop computer in the car with you at the time of the crash. If the computer becomes damaged as a result, you have the right to file a property damage claim for the computer in addition to the claim related to the vehicle.

Expenses that result from a temporary lack of transportation also qualify as property claims. For example, if you were unable to drive your car after the accident, you may have had to hire a taxi to get home, or you may require a car rental while your vehicle is in the shop.

Personal Injury

Personal injury claims after a car accident include expenses related to any medical treatment you receive for injuries sustained in the crash. These include expenses incurred in the immediate aftermath, e.g., ambulance fees, as well as ongoing expenses related to rehabilitation or disability.

However, personal injury claims are not limited to medical expenses. If you were unable to work following the accident, or lose some of your earning capacity as a result, you can also make a personal injury claim for lost wages.

It is common for victims of car accidents to make claims for pain and suffering. The pain that you endure does not need to be physical to qualify for a claim. For example, you may experience posttraumatic stress disorder or another mental condition following the crash that would qualify for compensation.

Wrongful Death

If a family member died as the result of a car accident in which someone else was at fault, you have the right to seek compensation for wrongful death. Sometimes wrongful death claims are categorized as personal injury, while other times they are afforded their own category.

The particular type(s) of compensation you are entitled to after a car accident depends on the specifics of your case. Contact a car accident lawyer for more information.

Source: car accident lawyer in Baltimore, MD, Cohen Lawyers.