When you’re hit with criminal charges it’s not only about the potential fines or jail time you could be facing. It’s about the long-term health of your company. It’s about minimizing the effects these charges will have on your brand and your image.

What is litigation PR?

Litigation public relations refers to the public communications management that takes place over the course of any legal dispute or adjudicatory process. Litigation PR techniques are meant to affect the overall outcome or client’s overall reputation. 

Litigation PR is different from regular PR or crisis communications. Litigation PR is meant to influence the course of litigations for the client’s advantage, while also protecting the client from future reputational and financial damage.

Even if you win at court, the damage to your brand could take years to recover from. All businesses rely on the trust of their customers. The moment criminal charges are brought against you is the same moment your customers start to question your credibility.

Working with a public relations agency in New York, NY, like Goldman McCormick PR, means we will not only advise you on the best course of legal action, but also the best steps to take in the court of public opinion. Effective litigation PR campaigns win over those inside and outside of the courtroom.

How does litigation PR differ from other types of PR?

Traditionally, a public relations specialist steps in during the hours following an incident. Crisis communications tactics are deployed within 24 to 48 hours.

However, in the case of criminal charges or court cases the effect can last for months or years. Since incidents are not solved as quickly, PR techniques must withstand the long period of time.

At the forefront of the litigation PR campaign is often the lead attorney. This is one time where a CEO or spokesperson may not be the face. The legal team can boil down the complicated situation into layman’s terms while still protecting the client and sensitive information.

Why Choose a Law Firm

We live in an era where we must all be communications savvy. When once important information would be delivered in person, then on the phone, now it’s happening over email, text and tweet.

Your customers are talking about what’s happening in your case right now. They are making decisions about whether to keep buying your products or services. They are being influenced by what they see in the news headlines and on social media.

You are not in a situation where you can stay out of the conversation. Instead you must get ahead of it and set the tone. Let a public relations professional help. Call a firm today.