Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Unfortunately, the law is not universal, meaning that while federal law prevails across state boundaries, municipalities are still mainly in charge of the legal statutes guiding their citizens. For motorcyclists, the flexibility across state lines means that there are different requirements for ownership and use. For instance, while Florida and Washington do not require motorcycle insurance, most states do. However, the one law that should be universal for motorcyclists but isn’t is the helmet mandate. Unfortunately, only a fraction of states requires helmets to be worn while operating a motorcycle. Helmets should be a requirement for several reasons that go beyond life-saving.

Improved Visibility

Riding a motorcycle is an exhilarating and freeing experience, but as any rider that has taken a trip through the country can tell you, it is not always pleasant. The open air is a big draw for many riders, but the wind resistance, as well as the bug impacts, can make driving difficult. While sunglasses may help with wind and sun issues, only a full-face helmet and visor can combat all of the problems while improving visibility.

Eye, Teeth and Face Protection

Flying insects only represent a fraction of potential projectiles coming at your face. Riding on trails, dirt roads or even city driving can result in pebbles and other debris flying toward your face. If you ever owned an automobile, did you ever experience a rock cracking your windshield? Now imagine that instead of your windshield stopping that rock it was your face. A helmet is meant to protect you from more than just accidents and wrecks.

Reduced Risk of Head Trauma or Death

The primary purpose of wearing a helmet is to protect yourself from severe injury and to potentially save your life in the event of a collision or accident. A helmet is made up of a hard, outer shell and a soft inner lining. The design is similar to a car bumper in that it is meant to absorb impact and reduce the resulting trauma felt by the wearer. Without a helmet, your head experiences the full force of an impact, and when considering accidents even at residential speeds of 25 mph, the risk of death is severe.

While many motorcyclists may ignore basic safety in favor of appearance or experience, a motorcycle helmet should not be optional. If you would like advice or have questions about motorcycle law, contact a motorcycle attorney in your area. Don’t put style above your life. Wear a helmet.

Source: Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Bristol, TN, The Law Offices of Mark T. Hurt